What Is Matched Betting?

What Is Matched Betting

It may sound to good to be true but matched betting is simply the process of turning the introductory free bets offered by bookmakers into real cash.

Matched betting is not new, its perfectly legal and its tax free.

It isn’t a get rich quick scheme and does require some of your time and a small amount of starting money (around £50 to get going).

Once you get the hang of it though you will be able to earn a decent supplement to your regular income.

Using the free tools and offers list here at IntroBets you can increase your matched betting profitability.

Its Not New

As you can see from this graph below, people have been searching Google for information about matched betting in the UK well before 2005.

Its Legal

Probably the most important question you will be asking is: “is matched betting legal?

As long as you are over 18 then gambling is legal in the UK and this is all it is. The difference between the usual way of gambling and matched betting is that you are going in with a plan.

The bookmakers of course don’t like matched betting but as long as they keep offering introductory bets people will keep doing it

Its Tax Free

Unlike most things in the UK, gambling is tax free. So whatever you make from your matched betting is free from tax and you wont be losing any of it to income tax or VAT.

Its Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

Don’t expect to walk away during your first week of matched betting with a million pound profit in your bank.

What you can expect though is to be able to turn your free time and some small startup cash into a regular supplementary income.

So What Now?

Are you ready to get started? Check out our guide on How Does Matched Betting Work for some real world examples and to learn the process for yourself.