How To Keep The Bookmakers Happy

If you have been doing matched betting for a while you will have probably found that the bookmakers have turned against you. That’s because they don’t like customers who on average win more than they lose.

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What you need to do is come across to the bookmakers like you are a loser, a customer they like very much!

Transferring Winnings To Betting Exchanges

A brilliant technique for ensuring that your betting accounts don’t get limited (or even worse shut down) is to move your winnings away. You could easily cash out with the bookmaker but that rings alarm bells for them, especially when you start making it a habit out thanks to your matched betting profits.

For a sustainable method of transferring winnings onto betting exchanges (who have no problem with you withdrawing winnings as it doesn’t cost them anything) why not try our way?

The IntroBets Way

What we do at IntroBets is use our predictions to try and predict a winning result for a match (we are right more often than not – but only a by a bit!) and bet with that prediction on a betting exchange. We then bet against that prediction using our winnings on the bookmakers.

When the results come in and we have predicted right we have our winnings in our betting exchange account and an empty bookmakers account. What we are left with is a happy bookmakers who aren’t out of pocket and want us to keep coming back for more intro offers.

If the result we predicted was not right then we just have to repeat this again as we now will have even more cash with the bookmakers, requiring a bigger bet to bring the account down to £0. We just continue this until our bookmaker accounts are emptied and our betting exchange accounts are looking flush.

Lastly we withdraw the money from the betting exchange we use or keep it in as a float for more matched betting activities.

What About The Fees Though?!

You may be asking as you read this “what about the fees though?!” as they could be around the 2% area every time. The key is to use special offers with the betting exchanges (you can find our list here), get the most you can out of them by saving up your winnings. If you don’t have access to any special offers right now then you could try risking it (something we do) and make the sacrifice of a few percent so that you can carry on with your matched betting in the long term.

If you are just having a little punt with matched betting to make some easy money in the short term then this may be a little over the top. Bookmakers keep an eye on its punters much like how a casino does, imagine the scene from Rain Man but with loads of data available on there end!

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I Don’t Get It

Are you struggling with the concept? Ask away in the comments below as your question may help others that are in the same boat as you.


    1. Hey Trevor, the betting exchanges don’t lose money from its users doing Matched Betting. The exchanges always get a cut as they take a percentage, your winnings come from the other users of the exchange that you bet against. If anything the exchanges love matched betting!

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