Getting Started

Getting Started With Matched Betting

This is the step-by-step guide for getting started making money online with IntroBets and matched betting. On this page you will find a list of the steps to take to get your head around the concept, where to go and the tools you need (that we have right here on

Here is the list in numbered order to make it easier to follow:

  1. What is matched betting? – if you are completely new to matched betting then definitely start here
  2. How Does Matched Betting Work? – now you are armed with the knowledge of the concept here is how you apply that logic in a real world example
  3. Where To Get The Offers? – using the knowledge you have now learnt im sure you will want to put it to use, here is the list of introductory betting offers to take advantage of
  4. Which Betting Exchange? – the introductory offers are just half the story, finding a decent betting exchange is the other
  5. The Calculator – going in blind can cost you precious profit, keep your matched betting practices efficient with our handy calculator

Still confused? Check out the questions below from other newbies looking to learn matched betting. Shoot us your question if you are still stuck, we were all new to this once!

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